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Pre-Launch Inspo Mini-Course

Pre-Launch Inspo Mini-Course

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Position Your Product for No-Brainer Sales with Fiery Pre-Launch Content

Not to freak you out, but your pre-launch content will make or break your launch.

Inside the Pre-Launch Inspo mini-course…

🔥 Create pre-launch content that boosts course sales
🔥 Deliver your pre-launch content so it demands attention
🔥 HYPE UP your customers (so they’ll want to buy your launch offer)

Pre-Launch Inspo is a mini-course that includes 6 videos, an interactive guide, and even an AI prompt to help you create bangin’ pre-launch content.

  1. What’s Pre-Launch Content & Positioning?
  2. Finding Your PLC Theme
  3. Map Out Your PLC Pillars
  4. Pre-Launch Delivery
  5. Pre-Launch Promo
  6. Engage, Engage, Engage!

The course is delivered via a PDF with videos and space to brainstorm!

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