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20-Minute Marketing Scan

20-Minute Marketing Scan

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Quick + Useful Feedback on Your Marketing

Are you not sure if the emails you wrote will convert?

Maybe a sales page just isn't sitting right with you.

No doubt, you've been staring at it for hours with no idea what to change.

Hand it over to me! I'll figure it out for you. 🤓

With a 20-Minute Marketing Scan, you'll simply...

  1. Send me what you're working on via a form (attach a document, share a link, etc)
  2. Wait 1-3 business days while I record you a 20-minute video with my feedback
  3. Make your fixes and feel confident in your marketing!

I'll record a 20-minute video for you and give you actionable tips to help it convert.

You have 12 months to redeem your marketing scan.

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This is a digital product, nothing will ship.

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